life tips: 6 rules – if you want to go number one with a bullet

What I’m sharing with you today, it’s an inspiration I got from a movie titled People Like Us

I was 5  when my mom and I were visiting a nearby friend of hers. In the house there was a movie playing. We stayed there for sometime, it was enough time for me to watch till it ends and I was in tears .

Since then I have never doubt what an impact a message delivered with authenticity can have.

I love watching movies, the likes of Top Gun, 12 Angry Men, Fight Club, Good Fellas, Life is Beautiful, Titanic, The Shawshank Redemption, Pearl Harbor, Inception, The Prestige, The Minority Report,  Forest Gump, The Note Book , Law Abiding Citizen, 3 Idiots, High Noon

I know the likes with a lot of dialogues :) So

In Life

If you like something because you think other people are gonna like it,it’s a sure bet no one will.

Most doors in the world are closed, so if you find one that you want to get into, you damn well better have an interesting knock. And if you knock like you drum you’ll be fine.

Everything that you think is important isn’t. And everything that you think is unimportant is.

Don’t shit where you eat

Learn into it. What does that mean? It means that the outcome doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re there for it. Whatever “it” is good or bad.

Never sleep with someone who has more problems than you -my personal favorite.

Go Number One


Key Take Away:

#1 – You are authentic(original) stay that way
#2 – Keep watch for those six rules, they are practical.


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