Forget About (Motivating Employees) Focus (On this) Instead

Business systems

Focus on building systems that will help you hire people who will not need motivation in the first place.

In 1952 a salesperson walked into a hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. To sell a milkshake machine to the two brothers who owned it.

What he saw was an amazing thing!

Hamburgers were produced in a way he’d never seen before.  Efficiently, inexpensively, and identically.

Best of all, anyone could do it.

He watched high school kids working with precision under the supervision of the owners. Happily responding to the long lines of customers queued up in front of the stand.

What do you think he felt?

I believe he felt what the brothers had created is not just another hamburger stand. But a consistent way of doing hamburger business.

This was no other than a 52 years old. Ray Kroc who handles what we now know as the most successful small business in the world.


What happens?

Most business owners prefer high skilled people to ordinary ones. Because of belief, they make their job easier. You can leave the work to them. That is, what we call management by abdication. Rather to what real works, management by delegation.

The inevitable result of this kind of thinking is the business grows to depend on the whims and moods of its people.

If they are in the mood, the job gets done.
If they are not, it doesn’t.

This result to businesses questions such as “how do I motivate my people” to become a constant problem.

How do I keep them in the mood?

I believe it to be true that extraordinary people do not build a great business. But ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

But for ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

A system—a way of doing things—is essential. To compensate for the enormous difference between the skills your people have. And the skills your business needs if it is to produce consistent results.

The system becomes the tools your people use to increase their productivity. To get the job done. In the way, it needs to get done.  For your business to differentiate itself from your competition.

It’s your job, the job of your business—to develop those tools and to teach your people how to use them. It’s your people’s job to use the tools you’ve prepared. And to recommend improvement based on their experience with them.

Back to you

It’s almost always impossible. To produce consistent results in a business that depend on extraordinary people.

No business can do it for long, and no extraordinary business tries to.