One Deep Writing Question (with an Answer)

One Deep Writing Question (with Answer) Image

Here is a subtle flaw that makes your writing forgettable.

Do you know what is writing?

You know it’s not pretty words.

You know it’s beyond the use of correct grammar, structure, and catching typos.

What is writing then?

To write is to connect.


Picture yourself with an empty plot.

And a desire to build a house.

You assemble everything you need for the work.

Until you connect, cut, and position everything in its correct place.

You don’t have a house.

Nails, woods, and tools don’t make a home.

Connecting does.

The house has more value than all materials and tools alone.

Because now they are connected.


Usefulness, a dash of personality, and a little bit of tactic.

Are requisites of spectacular writing.

Disconnected they are worthless. Connected they are priceless.

Do you want your writing to become unforgettable?


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