Key Takeaways: (From 4,713 Years) of Branding History

Branding is about what’s different about your business, product or service.

An advantage a person will have by choosing you.

You think that the idea of branding is relatively modern?

You’re in for an action-packed surprise. Branding goes back since the time people created goods to trade or sell. As far back in time as when people owned cattle.

To denote ownership of property, at first cattle were branded with paint or pine tar later.

Humans were also branded for various reasons. Slaves were branded to mark ownership; criminals were branded with disgrace.

Dating back to 5000 years ago.

How to see branding opportunities everywhere

Branding has always stood as the unique identifier.

What people think or remember when they reflect on you, your product or your business.

And here is a critical thing to remember. You have to be worth remembering with an advantage.

Yes, people are looking for unique, but they are looking for unique with an advantage.

Unique or different alone doesn’t work.

Picture a livestock owner in a marketplace with a high number of sick, weak and poorly fed livestock.

Yes, people will remember him. They don’t forget to make sure to avoid doing business with him next time.

I once caught myself walking a long distance just for having soup. I could have bought in one of several nearest place in our hometown.

Yes, I went there because the owners are kind, charming and polite. I also went there because they make real good soup.

When you’re thinking about what people will remember about your business, product or service. Make sure to remember it has to be something with an advantage.

Get Started With a Simple Exercise

So the exercise goes like this,

Unlike other ______________________________
I/we ______________________________________
Which means for you _______________________