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my story

By Joel Mwakasege

With our life up ‘s and down’s and everyday challenges, let me share some of my own. Studying was hard, you got that right. Hate the morning wake up’s, missing the time with my bed aggr what a pain.

For some of us being born first in the family, waiting for others to add to the family number.It had it’s challenges you’re the first, so you get disciplined a lot. Regulations the don’t are so much , you can even find yourself ask “Daddy can I breathe now”, you get the picture.

The friendship challenges, don’t get me started there. Those bulls big boys of school,they were like ‘Hey I’m the big guy around here, unless you kick my *****.’

There was this one, was totally broke so he used to bully me around to buy him food, candy, school staff you know the drill. Until daddy had to kick his huge big ego.

The grades where not that bad, used to be a middle student, don’t get me wrong though, I had some of my “A” moments too.

You see I arrived late at school, so you find Mr. Popular and Miss. famous there. They already know things, you become a guest to their family. So here I’m in school,let’s do this, right! We were put according to class A,B and C, and I was in B class so it means you do good but not so good. My first maths test score come out. Men! I got 5%, I showed my score to dad . He said, “Oho don’t worry you will catch up , I know you can”. So I men up a little study had a bit, second math test and I said now let me do this. Results out, another 5%.

At the end of the year I had an average of 54% but those guys at “A” class, they real knew their stuff. With my average, in their class that was a second last person average and they where about 40 people.

I thought it was not a big deal until this day.

It was a time we where receiving our chemistry papers, in our schools teachers comes and distribute the papers himself. So because she has been in A class and distributed a lot of good grades. I think she become tired, she started giving papers when she reached around 40% scores.

She said, “No I can’t be doing this, while throwing the papers down, if you know your name is not called come and pick your paper.” I knew my name was not called yet, so my paper was among those thrown down. I stood up, went in-front searched and got it, 32% was the score. I become a little bit disappointed, saying “So this is how the world treat people who can not do.”I started finding the difference why I score low while others score high and what will I have to do, because as for the scores there were plenty of 80% and 90%.

The growth curve was steep, but at the end of year, almost six month from the chemistry result. We had an annual exam and the result where out, not being very good for every one but I had 62% first place a second score was around 48% for the whole school and this was in chemistry score so finally I was Improving.

So the year ended, taking my average from 54% to 78%, I was not doing so bad and on the next year I was final on the class “A” this time I was doing so good,  you could genuinely wish to get an opportunity to shake my hand.

You see it will not always go smooth or the way you think it will, but someday you will get out there. Struggles are there, don’t worry it gets easier along the way, and I might not know you’re story but just know this you’re amazing.

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