Note: She (Must Have Provoked) Him

I didn’t tell you.
But I have a new book to release to you today.
It’s on stress-free living.
I’ve also done a tiny change on the footer of this letter.
Intend to keep the experience the same to you today.
And to anyone else who joins the community.
In the future.
And for this reason.
I will almost always include a link in the footer.
To access all the community resources available.
P.S. Question? Hit reply to this email. I reply back.


She must have provoked him
So she provoked him so what?


Nice guys this is why I don’t want you
Yes, you did hold open that door for me, no you can’t have my number


What you think about love is bullshit
Is what you think about real love real? And if it’s so, does it matter?


The key to real love is giving, and you don’t give to those you love but rather end up loving those you give.
– Rabbi Twerski


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