Note: How I Forgot About Writing

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I’m grieving.

I’ve yet to have the strength to open up about it, but that doesn’t mask the pain.

Back to good news.

Thank you for your excellent feedback.

On the name change of this letter from the note to the bridge.

The name stays.

The Note out voted Bridge.

Five votes to one.

— Joel


How I forgot about writing.
A story of loss, learning, and personal growth. People compliments don’t mean that you’re doing a good job. It easy to get caught up in the praises of others and forget what your definition of success is.


How do I get back my self-esteem
You’re more than your results. Maybe something you tried didn’t work. Maybe lots of things you’ve tried haven’t worked. Perhaps you’ve failed more than you’ve succeeded. If you’re me, all those things are true. But failing doesn’t make me a failure.


How to slow down time
A French Chronobiologist (he studies time and living things) named Michael Siffre once conducted a hell of a self-experiment. He spent two months in a cave alone. No clock, calendar, or sunlight.


Life’s not about a parking space. It’s not about God taking all your problems and making everything perfect. It’s about finding the meaning, and the joy and the purpose in this, in all the chaos, and the crazy and it’s knowing that God is with you in the good days and on the bad days too.
— I caught it in a movie long forgotten

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