Note: Waste Time (with the Ones You Love)

The Note Issue Fifteen


I lastly asked, where are you when reading this letter?

I write this from Tanzania.Thank you for your response.

I’ll feature your home place on my personal homepage.

When done, I’ll notify you.

— Joel


Waste time with the ones you love
A breath of fresh air on how to get things done. Action packed, honest and relatable.


The Honest Truth About ‘Those’ 6-Figure Mentors
I’m skeptical of coaching, live training and other forms of self-help. Some work. Some are full of sh**. But to grow, we must. And growth comes through learning. Is learning a straight path?


A life permanently changed
A talk about terror — about truly coming face to face with what you fear most in life.


I think you should be serious about what you do because this is it. This is the only life you’ve got.
— Philip Seymour Hoffman

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