Note: Introduction

Welcome to Issue 1, Friends.


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the great stuff always floating around the web?

I do.

My goal with this simple newsletter is to present you by way of email

A manageable selection (3 -6 items) of engaging, practical, and personal stories that make your day a little more pleasant.
The Note is a side project that will run parallel to my main job, and I’m sure it will evolve over time as I receive your feedback (just reply).

So without further ado, enjoy the first issue.

— Joel


How to Start Freelancing Without Having a Mental Breakdown
I’m new to the freelancing world I do everything within upwork but here are systems, tools, lead generation, tactics and tips to keep from going insane as a freelancer. The 101 to your freelancing business.


How to Read a Book a Week
I read books but Julien does it better he read a book per week, and he has been doing it for five years.


How to Obscure Your Message
I’m a writer and here is a fav of mine on a writing lesson that took some of us too much time to learn.


If you can’t speak anymore, then write. If you can’t run, then walk if you can’t stand up sit up. If you can’t sing, tap your foot if you can’t dance wiggle your head. Do what you can do don’t quit producing when you quit producing you stop living. — Joel Osteen