Note: Live (Like a Hydra)


I’ve wonderful news.

  1. The medium course. I’ve delayed for a while. Now it’s happening. It’s a free course. I hope to be done with it next week.
  2. I’ve two free email courses ready for you. One is titled Thrive. The second one is titled, Heal. I’ll give you more details in few days to come.
  3. I’ll start to post interviews on vulnerability on the blog. I’ll let you know when the first one is up. I’m glad for the people who showed up. To this honest and truthfully conversation around vulnerability.

Also, I’m thinking to start a podcast. I just can’t decide what will it be about?


– Joel

P.S. Yes. I’ll be glad for your thoughts on what topic can I discuss on the podcast. Reply to this email. Your email will get send instantly to my private inbox.


Live like a hydra
Thoughts on how to get stronger when things are chaotic.


On gravity and relationships
Learn to enjoy the moment. Don’t try to control it or the outcome. Just enjoy.


Alone and alive
On Traveling alone and learning.


Don’t box yourself in with uncertainty. Boundaries are only real if you believe them to be. There is nothing you can’t do. Trust in that.

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