Note: (Stepping Off) the Path


Are you writing things that heal?

I believe in healing.

Healing of wounds, sours, and painful experiences.

For the rest of my life.

I want to give to things that heal.

To share your experience.

On to why you choose to be vulnerable.

To tell as it is.

It’s empowering.

Can I interview you?

We will talk about vulnerability.

Why it’s a struggle, when do we fight the most and what needs to be done.

I struggle with vulnerability too.

Click here for a little read I shared the other day on vulnerability.

I’ll be glad to hear from you.

— Joel
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Stepping off the path
To follow a path or explore. What do you choose?


The pursuit of interestingness
Do people care how smart you’re?


Why you shouldn’t work set hours
In the beginning, it seems like the usual rant of work life balance. But I’m glad I found this little read. It clears why work isn’t necessary same for everyone.


The reason that most of us are so unhappy most of the time is that we make our goals for the people we are when we set them, not for the people we’re going to be when we reach them.
– Dan Gilbert

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