Note:(Everything I Knew About Food) Was Wrong


I hope you keep going further.

Your situation is understandable.

But nonetheless, keep going.

I’ve been stuck for a while now.

Today I’ve just decided.

I’ll keep going.

To drag me if I must.

But I’ll keep going.

I believe you will reach your destination.

I believe help will find you when you need it.

I believe in you.

Now, go.

— Joel


Everything I knew about food was wrong
I love food. It’s a struggle to find out what is it I can eat and what I can’t.


Read obsessively
To read is for telling me, it’s possible. Achieving above and beyond is possible. Reaching my dreams is possible. And before you worry is it possible for you, read.


High school is forever
A personal journey of dealing with mental illness


Trust is a matter of believing, (or having faith) that God is ready, willing and able to take care of you and bless you.
— Gloria Copeland

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