Note: Sometimes You Will Forget (that Your Mom Has Cancer)


I hope you’re well.

I kept craving a chance to say hello to you for weeks, now that I can.

How are you?

— Joel
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Open Doors
A love letter to imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. I’ve tucked it away to be a gentle reminder. At times I forget how to be with the one I love.


Sometimes you will forget that your mom has cancer
Sometimes you will forget that your mom has cancer.


The Eye
A story of loss, tears, and courage.


I know people who graduated college at 21 and didn’t get a salary job until they were 27. I know people who graduated at 25 and already had a salary job. I know people who have children and are single. I know people who are married and had to wait for 8–10 years to be parents. I know people who are in a relationship and love someone else. I know people who love each and aren’t together. People are waiting to love and to be loved. My point is, everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. You may look at you friends, and some may seem to be ahead or behind you, but they’re not, they are living according to the pace of their clock. You’re not falling behind. It’s just not your time.
– Jullisa Loaiza

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