Want to Sharpen Your Creative Skills? Try This


There is no use in saying.

By the time I learn to sing, dance, or play the piano.

Do you know how old I’ll be?

You will be the same age if you don’t.


Don’t focus on having a learned skill.

This attention to the skills.

Ignore that creativity lies not in the done.

But in doing.

In a sense, no creative act is ever finished.

Wondering how to get started?

It’s one small step at a time.

Don’t rush to the edge of the cliff.

And then stand there, to say.

“I can’t leap. I can’t.”

No one is asking you to leap.

That’s just drama.


Take a next small step.

Don’t skip ahead to a large one.

You may not yet be ready for it.

To sell a screenplay.

  • You must first write one.
  • To write one. You must come up with an idea.
  • Commit it to paper.
  • A page at a time.
  • Until you have about 120 pages of script.

There is always one action.


For you to be creative.

So, do you want to sharpen your creative skills?


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