life tips: how to stay enthusiastic all day

The world is full of bad news. Job insecurity, bad economy sickness, death, the list is endless.

To be fair, staying enthusiastic is tough, and I get it.

Enthusiasm means staying motivated, even when your situation or the environment lacks good news or motivation.

Success stems from enthusiasm.

There is a quote about success that says,

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing of enthusiasm” tweet

It is almost impossible to have success without enthusiasm.

One of the things I wonder everyday is when the bad news will stop.

It is not very often, I go out without my earphones, I love listening to something uplifting, in an attempt to drown the bad news; but today I didn’t remember to carry one. tweet

I was in the bus and could hear the news from the radio. tweet

The newscaster said “The coming news, is about the issues of the day” and for the next fifteen minutes I felt like the whole world was coming to an end! tweet

It was bad news, one after the other ranging from flooding to death and everything else. tweet

I started asking myself if there was a piece of good news anywhere! There must be something good happening somewhere today, I’m sure. tweet

You see it’s hard; it’s not always easy to keep your mind off what is happening around you, but a man also needs peace in the midst of chaos! tweet

How do you keep your day motivated with all that, going on around you?

I asked my good friend Lara and she has this to say.

Lara’s Part on Staying Enthusiastic All Day

Are you kidding me? tweet

No one can stay enthusiastic for the whole day! tweet

If you find someone, tell me who they are and where they live. tweet

That is so unreal! tweet

Oh well, that’s just one of the many responses that I got when I raised this topic.

The world in which we live is full of bad news… from a bad economy to violent shooting in our schools, civil wars abroad,  job insecurity, sickness and death, the list is endless.

To be fair, staying enthusiastic is tough, and I get it. It is however not impossible. tweet

You can actual stay enthusiastic for the whole day!
Webster online simply defines.

Enthusiasm as “strong excitement about something” tweet

The keyword here is something you can be excited or enthusiastic about something. Yeah, but may be not for the whole day you say. Wrong! You can. In fact, you will if you know how.

Living For Something Is The First Step.

In practically staying enthusiastic all day, you need to know what you are living for.

What is your passion? tweet

What is your goal? tweet

What excites you? tweet

What do you want your future to look like? tweet

What is your hope? tweet

What brings a smile to your face each time you think about it? tweet

These are personal questions which you need to answer.

Your passion could be faith, character, influence, parenting or fame. Whatever it is, you should have goals that you have set aside to guide you in fulfilling your passion.

These must be goals that you have wholeheartedly committed to of course.

Those goals, coupled with your passion become the fuel or gasoline that keeps you going in the midst of bad or great news.

With your eyes on your goal, every day you live with enjoyment.

So when life comes at you, which never fails, you pick yourself up, dust yourself and remind yourself of what you are living for. tweet

That “something” is what it’s all about! tweet

There is encouragement in the Bible as well.

For I know the plans I have for you,says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” tweet

– Jeremiah 29:11. tweet

It’s so easy to become discouraged when you have failed a couple of times. True. But that famous

Japanese proverb “fall seven times, stand up eight” puts it in perspective. tweet

Second: Your Attitude to Setbacks Ought to Be Positive.

As long as you keep swimming, you won’t drown! Perhaps you work with a bunch of employees who have nothing positive to say about the job.

You know what they say? Misery loves company.

Sometimes people talk without thinking, or project their own fear and insecurity. Don’t take things personally.

With your eyes on your goal, you need to learn to tune them out or they will pull you down. tweet

Having a positive attitude helps you stay enthusiastic or inspired even when it looks bad. tweet

I know the glass is not always half full.  In fact, many times it is actually half empty. But that is where your own attitude comes in – It could have been empty.

Perhaps you could have been without a glass! Be grateful; be thankful for what you have; be patient with success.

If you always see good coming out of a bad situation, you will be a lot happier, more energized about life and you will have people wondering and asking what keeps you going.

You will then be able to tell them about that “something” that makes you tick.

It is true that your attitude determines your altitude. If you believe that God has a plan for you, then faith in him, coupled with a positive attitude will keep you going.

Third: Take Care Of Yourself.

This one is a no-brainier. Going to bed really late and getting up very early will rob you of energy, zeal, or enthusiasm.

We cannot talk of enthusiasm without mentioning energy.

Both are very closely related. If you come home tired from a hard day’s work you are likely not be too enthused or excited.

Don’t expect to show up at work all bright and cheerful when you are sleep deprived. tweet

If you maintain a high energy level you will be more enthused. The more enthusiasm you have the more energy you are likely to have.

Both enthusiasm and energy work hand in hand, you can’t have one without having the other.

Proper diet and the right amount of rest can help you maintain a higher energy level, which of course will increase your enthusiasm. tweet

See? It is possible and soon enough the people around you will see a difference in you. If you live for something, take care of yourself and always have a positive attitude.

You will stay enthusiastic all day!

Wow this is getting better and better. My good friend Lanny Zechar had this to say as well.

Lanny Zechar’s Part on Staying Enthusiastic All Day

Everyone on the planet can master the feeling of enthusiasm for short periods of time.

Staying enthusiastic for the entire day is something much harder – and it’s the rare person that even tries to master this skill. The short bursts are easy.

It is when you wake up in a good mood because you realize it’s the weekend.

That starts the day out right…until your spouse or your kids or your friends or the TV reminds you of something negative.

Poof! Your enthusiasm is gone. tweet

Or maybe you start thinking about an exciting project or presentation at work and you fly though the afternoon hours…until you are brought down by an onslaught of emails and voice mails.

Or maybe a dinner or date or time spent with friends can keep you pumped all through the evening…until it starts to rain, or you’re running late.

During our day, we are deluged with information that can derail any good mood.

So how can we keep ourselves brimming with enthusiastic for the entire day?

There are more ways to stay enthusiastic than there is space in this blog to write about them. So today, let’s just tackle this idea and leave the rest for later.

Finally: Change Your Focus.

The idea is simple – we must realize there are no normal days.

Each day we have on the earth is a gift. tweet

Whether you believe in God or not, you must admit that numerous cataclysmic events transpired to place you where you are at this moment.

Today could be your last day, no matter your health…so you should take advantage of these precious moments while you can.

Imagine paying thousands of dollars for the most elaborate vacation ever created. tweet

You plan to visit the perfect resort, or take the perfect cruise, or set up the most incredible adventure. tweet

But along the way, something goes wrong. Nothing big, probably…maybe your flight was late, or your baggage was delayed, or the flight attendant was rude to you. tweet

Instead of passing off the incident as a minor (and passing) inconvenience, you fall apart. You stay in your room with the door locked, pouting, and never come out. tweet

That would be stupid, wouldn’t it?Wasting lots of money by not enjoying your vacation?

Well, that’s exactly what we do with our lives, except our lives are much more precious than a simple vacation.

We focus on the bad news of the day and not the good. Ten good things can happen to us and we keep stewing over the one bad thing. We can ruin our days by continuing to focus on inconsequential things.

So, change your focus and keep thinking about the positive things that are happening to you. Let the negative thoughts go in one ear and out the other.

Keep the brevity of life in mind today and make the most of your day!

Just remember to check out my two good friends, the article was made possible by their effort. tweet

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