The (Crazy Thing) Entrepreneurs Do to (Become Exceptional)

It’s important to understand the point I’m about to make, for if you do, neither your business nor your life will ever be the same.

This is what it’s in the heart of every exceptional business; it’s what separate outstanding entrepreneurs from everybody else.

The point is: your business is not your life.

Your business and your life are two entirely separate things.

At its best, your business is something apart from you, rather than a part of you, with its rules and its purpose.

A living thing, you might say, that will live or die according to how well it performs its sole function: to find and keep customers.

Understanding of this truth it is in the heart of the best of the best entrepreneurs out there.

The business owners who wreck their companies will be the ones who don’t know this truth or know but choose to ignore.

I know your business won’t be among them.