Why Your Business is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

For a business to miss the mark, is negligence to understand how well it performs it’s one and solely function.

To find and keep customers.

To a smart business owner, the entire process by which the business does business is a marketing tool.  A mechanism for finding and keeping customers.

It’s a process, meaning you can’t have one absent another.

Each part of the process is a means through which your business can set itself apart. From all other companies in the mind of your customers.

To be in a position to fix anything that is off target with your business.

Know and remember everything how these three components fit together.


Innovation is not creativity.

The difference between innovation and creativity is the difference between thinking about getting things done and getting things done.

For the innovation to be meaningful, it must always take the customer point of view.

At the same time, simplify your business to its critical essentials. It should make things easier for you and your people. In the operation of your business; otherwise, it’s not innovation but complication.

But on its own, innovation leads nowhere.

All changes need to be quantified.

Without quantification, how would you know whether innovation worked?


By quantification, I’m talking about the numbers related to the impact a change makes.

These figures enable you to determine the precise value of your innovation.

Ask yourself, if you could increase sales 10 percent. By doing something as simple as changing the way you greet your customers. Would you do it?

If yes, begin by quantifying everything related to how you do business.

I mean everything.

  • How many customers do you see in person each day?
  • How many in the morning?
  • In the afternoon?
  • How many people call your business each day?
  • How many call to ask for a price?
  • How many want to purchase something?
  • How many of product X are sold each day?
  • At what time of the day are they sold?
  • How many are sold each week?
  • Which days are busiest? How busy?

You can’t ask too many questions about the numbers. Without the numbers, you can’t possibly know where you are, let alone where you’re going.

With the numbers, your business will take on an entirely new meaning.


If you’re doing everything differently each time you do it.

If everyone in your company is doing it by their discretion, their choice. Rather than creating order, you’re creating chaos.

“If ‘Hi, have you been in here before?’ Works better than anything else you’ve tried, say it every single time you greet a customer.”

Unless your customer gets everything, he wants every single time. He’ll go someplace else to get it.

The orchestration is a simple as doing what you do, saying what you say, looking like you look. Being how and who you are. For as long as it works.

For as long as it produces results you want.

And when it doesn’t work any longer, change it.

How all this fit for your business

The business development process is not static.

It’s something you do all the time.

In other words, once you’ve innovated, quantified, and orchestrated. You must continue to innovate, quantify, and orchestrate it.

The business development process is that which enables you to seize the world’s changes.

Precedes them, anticipates them, and, if not, at least is infinitely flexible in relationship to them.

In other words, innovation, quantification, and orchestration are the backbone of every extraordinary business.