Hi. I'm Joel Mwakasege. Here is what to expect in these twenty-one days together.


You will receive a lesson per day. Practice while you learn. You will see change. I'm one email away. For questions, suggestions, and feedback. You can always click reply on any email you receive, and it will be sent to my private inbox instantly.

It answers questions such as who is a good writer?What is the secret tactic all persuasive writers use? How do you unleash your writing potential? How do you kill gobbledygook and start making progress with your writing? How do you deal with self-sabotage when you write? And much much more

At the end of the course. I'll invite you to a one hour and a half questions and answers live webinar session. Together we will work on the impossible writing questions you might still have. At the end of the webinar, you will have more answers and more practical ideas to use on the spot on your writing.

What makes this different from other writing courses? This is not a one-size-fits-all 'solution' to writing. I believe skill one requires for persuasive writing. Goes beyond grammar, writing classes you have attended and how many worksheets you have filled. It extends beyond the need to show people that you know what you’re talking about, that you have a point, and you have to justify the point. It goes beyond convincing people that you have researched. It goes beyond writing every day. It goes beyond and above all those things. It comes around to be decided by only one factor. You. How much of yourself have you invested in the writing itself? I also believe we're all here to carve our own path, and it's that which sets us apart. I give you the tools, knowledge, and resources to get out there and figure out your path, on your own terms.

This one is for? You used to write, and you have stopped. And you're ready to restart and never stop again. You want to write, but you don't know where to begin. And you're want to write and connect while standing out from the noise with your unique, authentic voice. You're writing, but you've lost touch with your authentic voice. And you're ready to reconnect with your true self.

And at the end of it all? Expect to: Know one skill that will take your writing from good to great. To fix a subtle flaw that makes your writing forgettable. Feel more connected to yourself while you write. And more

I aim to get you to an email list. Send to you short, simple and practical writing course. On how to write well. The content worth of your time and attention. To delight, excite, and surprise you. Join to follow me step by step. As I pull back the curtain on the topics, tactics, and strategies. I’ve learned all these years. You have a unique, beautiful voice inside of you, just waiting to come out. Let's get started

Course Closed. Join the Waiting List.

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