This (Article Rocks) . . . i (Guarantee It)

There you have it.

You just can’t go wrong reading this article. Why?

I have made a guarantee.

Even I know, boy . . . I’d better make this good.

Your business is a guarantee to experience something; your customer knows this.

How will you feel when you’re customers start saying genuinely good things and sometimes even go on defense protecting you and what you do?

If it’s me, I will feel pretty good.

The business that has known to keep customers; they have also been known to promise and deliver what they promised, every single time.

The colors of your business, how you dress, the location you are, this are what gets him in the door.

How you deliver that experience, will decide if you customer stays or else.

If it’s delightfully and if your business can guarantee to provide that experience with consistency.

You customer is hooked.

Some companies have mastered this art.

I will tell you a story of a friend who visited one hotel located in the redwood grove overlooking the Pacific.

But first, let’s agree on something, every time they deliver a delightful experience, if they will, you be the judge, let’s call it a Bang!


A Story With a”Simple” Secret Behind Businesses that Have Known to Keep Customers

After driving for several hours, he got tired of the road and decided to stop to sleep for the night.

He said, the moment he stepped in, he knew he was in a special place.

Looking at the colors, the arrangement, the fireplace, how everything was aligned, even the lights were changing the light intensity themselves.

It took less than three minutes.

Since the moment they exchanged greetings to the moment, the bell boy was ushering him into his room. He could not believe the ease with which it all happened. Despite the fact that he had no reservations.

And the room.

The impression was one of understated magnificence. As it was, he practically melted with delight.

Delighted with his good fortune, he changed for dinner: the woman at the desk had made his reservation when she checked him in.

The restaurant was few steps away. With the directional signs, he saw along the way he reached there at ease.

He gave the host his name, and he immediately showed him to a table. Despite the fact that that other people were waiting. Evidently, reservations meant something in this place.

The meal was delightful as everything he had experienced before it. He signed the check and returned to his room.

By the time he arrived, the night had become chilly. He was looking forward to a fire and possibly another brand as the one he had at the restaurant, before going to bed.

Somebody had beaten him to it.

A brisk fire was burning in the fireplace. The quilt was turned on the bed. The pillows were plumped up, a mint rating on each one. On one of the night tables beside the bed stood a glass of brandy and a card.

He picked up the card and read:

Welcome to your first stay at Venita. I hope it has been enjoyable. If there is anything I can do for you, day or night, please don’t hesitate to call.
– Kathi.

As he drifted to sleep that evening, what do you think he felt?

I will tell you; he felt very well taken care of.

It’s a Bang!

In the morning, while being woken up by a strange bubbling sound in the bathroom. He arose to investigate.

A pot of coffee, turned on by an automatic timer, was merrily pecking away on the sink counter. A card resting against it, saying:

Your brand of coffee. Enjoy!
– K.

And it was his brand of coffee.

While standing there trying to figure out to answer one obvious question “how in the world could they have known that?”. He heard a polite knock at the door.

He went to the door and opened it.


But there on the mat was a newspaper. His paper, the New York Times.

How in the world did they know that?

Admit it; it’s another Bang!

And then he remembered.

An Easy to Understand System Behind the Secret to Customer Loyalty

When he checked in the night before the receptionist had asked him what newspaper he preferred. Also, at the restaurant the night before they had asked him what brand of coffee he preferred. He hadn’t given it another thought. Until now.

And there everything was.

His whole experience since the moment he walked in the door to the next day, was like Bang! Bang! Bang!

How do you think he felt while living there?


And then the same scenario has occurred each time. He had returned.

Do you think he will not try to make a point explaining what an experience he had?

I bet you; he will.

You can implement it in your business too, and it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

For the hotel, they had few simple things repeatedly done every single time in the same way.

In another word they were consistent.

A mint, a cup of coffee, and a newspaper.

Also, they had few simple systems around, to make sure the name of the newspaper and the favorite coffee is asked.

Over to you

Now, get out of your way. Try something fun. This weekend. Let me know how it turns out for you in the comments.