business progress

The One Thing That Can Make or Break Your Creative Business

Is to stop making progress.

I’m rebuilding my business from the ground up.

The work is enormous.

The first stage of the work is to set a member only place ready.  I thought it will take a week or two at most it took longer.  But all things considered, I’m thankful a part of the website is up.

It’s a new place I’ll be glad if you’ll let me know when you notice anything out of place.

You can check the new website by clicking here.

The membership work that is complete is on order processing and account creation.

business progress
This is how the membership looks like inside and the order it was to me, I was testing it’s a reason the price is $0. The membership it’s not priced at $0

The membership work that remains is difficult.

Especial because I wish to open this membership on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

For this reason, I’ll have to do it in steps.

  • I have 167 lessons to create. These lessons will be available instantly as the person create the account and complete the purchase.
  • To create a MailChimp sequence to introduce this membership to people.
  • To create a landing page and copy for this introductory course to the membership.
  • To set up the home page to also show the member only lessons.
  • To write an email to send to everyone on Tuesday for the release of this membership.

I might not do it sequentially, but when I think about it, that’s the work that needs to get done.

Yes, there might be some delays for unforeseen reasons now.

Nonetheless, I’ll progress.