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Cut the Crap Write Good Now

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This course is written to help you master the part of writing that has nothing to do with grammar, spelling, or punctuation.

I believe a skill one requires to write well.

Goes beyond grammar, writing classes you have attended and how many worksheets you have filled. It extends beyond the need to show people that you know what you’re talking about, that you have a point, and you have to justify the point.

It goes beyond convincing people that you have researched. It goes beyond writing every day. It goes beyond and above all those things.

It comes around to be decided by only one factor.


How much of yourself have you invested in the writing itself?

Who Am I?

I’m an editor and writer. I have been both for 7 years.

I have worked with 2,031 writers to edit and publish 10,769 stories.

Featured in VOGUE, TIMES, HUFFINGTON POSTS, MEDIUM, and many other publications.

I’m currently an editor in chief of be-yourself publication the largest collection of personal stories in the world with 11,456 published stories.

I’m not saying all this to show I know a lot.

I’m sharing all this to show I know enough to be helpful.

Success Story

MILKANA BRACE / Ceo @startup; ex-sr dir @groupon, @expedia

English is my third language, and I’ve worked hard to become fluent in it. I take pride in using precise words. However, I lost sight of the fact that those words may not be widely known, especially by audiences outside of my domain or around the world.

Do I want to relate to a few people who share my world, or to a greater number outside of it?

You shed light for me on this.

The second thing I learned is that story-telling is about sharing, not instructing. It seems so obvious, but I admit the point had been lost on me. When I wrote some of my initial posts. I struggle with the tone of them. But your perspective on writing as if I were telling a story to a dear friend was very helpful, and it’ll certainly define my voice in the future.

And finally, I must admit. I questioned your authority on editing. But I was so taken by your genuine interest in improving the story that it got past my initial reaction and listened to what you had to say. You very much had a point, and I was grateful you didn’t just “give up” on me when I resisted your feedback.

Next Step

Could I suggest you give this course a chance as the next step?

Of course, every purchase comes with 30 day’s money-back guarantee.

I want to make sure this is the course that you’ve been looking for if it’s not.

I’ll return your small investment no question asked.

Before you dismiss this course as a next wannabe writing course, perhaps because there is something I have not satisfied, give it a chance, it might be the writing course you’ve been waiting for.

What Will I Learn?

  • To write with authority
  • To boost your confidence
  • To save time as you deal with little-known writing mistakes
  • To reach more people that's better aligned with your voice
  • To recognize the type of writer you're
  • A practical way to deal with self-sabotage

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Started with Writing

How Good is Your Writing Skill? Identify Your Potential as a Writer
Okay . . . Here is the Real Reason Why Your Writing is Still Awful
How to Avoid Getting Sucker-Puched by Traditional Writing Books
The Secret Tactic All Persuasive Writers Use
One Quick Technique to Annihilate Self-Sabotage When You Write
One Skill that Will Take Your Writing From Good to Great
Do You Want to Unleash Your Writing Potential?
You Already Know How to Start Writing … So What’s Stopping You?
What Type of a Writer Are You?
The Writers Graveyard and Why so Many Writers fail
Two Ways to Kill Gobbledygook and Start Making Progress With Your Writing
One Way to Prevent Writer’s Burnout When Your Inspiration Starts to Flicker

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cut the crap write good now cover

Material Includes

  • Lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • 12 written lessons
  • 3 written interviews coming soon.
  • 5 practical lessons on my writing process coming soon


  • No prior writing knowledge is required or assumed

Target Audience

  • You want to avoid wasting time on doing the non-essentials
  • You want to stop trashing your writing voice with rookie mistakes
  • You want to find your writing Identity