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Self-Love a Key to Life Prosperity You Can Trust

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Self-compassion doesn’t mean you think your problems are more important than others. It just means your problems are also important and worthy of being attended to.


Because you can be self-compassionate today.

You don’t have to wait until you are perfect until life goes exactly as you want it to.

Life seldom goes exactly as you want it to.

But who is most likely to know the full extent of the pain and fear you face, to know what you need most?

Who is the only person in your life who is available 24/7 to give you care and kindness?

Who is in the best position to know how you really feel underneath that cheerful façade?

They? Or you?


You’re not a problem to be fixed.

You’re a valuable human being worthy of care and love.

Yes, there is a lot you don’t have control over.

Your personal characteristics, your inborn personality, your body type, your health, the good or bad fortune of your circumstances.

And yes, you’re an imperfect human being.

But when faced with your human imperfection, you’ve got a choice.

You can either respond with self-kindness and self-care or with self-judgment and self-criticism.


The course helps you reexamine some little things in your life and give you a better perspective and tools to do better.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to respond with self-kindness and self-care to your imperfections
  • How to stop focusing on undesired aspects of your life
  • How to deal with self-criticism

Topics for this course

10 Lessons


Are You Overlooking this Cornerstone to a Life Worth Having? Self Compassion
The Simple Reason You’re Not Self Compassionate Yet
Making Your Self Compassion Work: Sharpen Your Focus On This One Thing
How to Master the One Trait that Makes You Unstoppable
Here is Why Self-Compassion Matters Right Now
The Super-Secret and Incredibly Complicated Master Key to Self-Compassion
Lesser Known Self-Compassion Technique that Keeps You Going When the Going Get Tough
The Secret Power of Self Compassion
A Step to Life Prosperity You Can Trust
Avoid This Surprisingly Common Recipe for Miserable Life

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  • No prior knowledge is required or assumed.

Target Audience

  • Is it not the time you to stop looking outside yourself for the acceptance and security you crave?
  • Don’t you want to soothe and comfort your own pain, just as a child is soothed and comforted by her mother’s arms?
  • Don’t you want to wrap your torn and tattered selves in your own soft embrace?