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Struggling to Finish You’re Creative Task? Try This Quick Creative Tip

To end the struggle to finish a creative task.

Ask, why is this important?

I’m launching heal membership. To do well in this creative task.  I believe in sharing the progress with as many people as I can.

Apart from proving the assumptions, I make as I create, to share also helps me to course correct as I progress. So I wished to share sooner with my community of 150,001 people at be-yourself.

But I was delayed.

Here is the Real Reason Why I Was Delayed

I was waiting to create a landing page.

To use to invite those who will want to follow along as I build this business.

The landing page offer is a course on creativity for 15 days or 30 days.

The course includes lessons and behind the scenes as I launch this membership.

But after I created the course and the landing page was done.

How to Get Free When You Feel Stuck

I got stuck because I struggled to answer a question.

Why do I want to offer a course on creativity to help people understand a membership I’m launching on healing?

They don’t relate.

But as I was thinking why is this important?

I remembered it’s how I got into healing. At the time I was building a business that was sinking me, my loved ones, and my health to the ground and I didn’t know what to do.

I found my way back to creating through healing.

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