3 (Ways to Improve) Your Business … (Right Now)

There are elements of your business that can be improved right now and create an experience that sticks with your customers.

Let’s recap what you know till now,

You have seen the simplest way to get to your business core is by understanding who is your customer and what are the reasons why your business exists in the first place.

Now I want you to get three sure ways to improve your business right now.

First, solve real problems

One day in 1974, while I was singing in church choir, I had one of those creative moments.

To make it easier to find the songs we were going to sing at each Sunday’s service, I used to mark the places with little slips of paper [but they would flutter out at just the wrong time, leaving me frantic].

I thought, “Gee, if I had a little adhesive on these bookmarks, that would be just the ticket,” so I decided to check into it.

This is a story of post-it notes born from a desire to solve a real life problem.

Key take away
Use this two steps as a guideline for your ideas and products.

  • First, for an idea to be selected, it should be new.
  • Second, it has to meet a demonstrable human need—to solve a real problem.

Products and ideas that you wish someone somewhere will find them useful let it not be part of your interest.

Second, rock your communications

Don’t choose a way of communicating with your customers if you don’t intend to be active on it.

For example taco bell they have chosen tweeter as one of their methods to get in contact with the customer.

And boy they are available, and they always put elements of surprise, fun, and their customers love them for it.

Second on communication use what your client use, if they use email reply them with email if they twitted to you do the same, if they call you, call them.

Key take away
Be available Communication with your customers should be in the way that is convenient to them not to you.

Third, look sharp

Lee Cockerel talked about an experience when he was still a young restaurant manager working at the Philadelphia Marriott.

The company founders, J. W. Marriott and his wife, Alice, came into the coffee shop one morning.

Mr. Marriott walked right up to him and looked at his badge, which displayed his name and title. “Cockerell, are you the restaurant manager here?” “Yes, sir,”

He answered.

He looked him in the eye, grabbed a fistful of his hair, which was hanging over his ears, and said, “Why don’t you get a haircut and look like it?

Bonus Point

Bonus point – Treat you customers as you would treat your loved ones

Lee Cockerel, once, when he and Priscilla were staying at the City Loft Hotel in Beaufort, South Carolina, he got up early and went to the little coffee shop connected to the hotel.

He was greeted cheerfully by a young woman with a very apt name: Joy.

“Good morning, how can I serve you?” asked Joy. He told her he would like a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee. “Can I heat that for you?” she inquired.

“Heat what?” he asked.
“Your muffin,” said Joy. “They’re better when they’re heated.”

Curious to know what made Joy different, he asked her why she bothered offering to heat the muffin for him. “I always think about what my mother would want if she were the customer,” she said.

If you think like Joy, you’re way ahead of the service game.

He had breakfast in that little place every morning for the  rest of his trip because Joy was a joy to see.”

You turn

Based on what you know now, and experienced before. What is it you do in your business to improve the way you do business?