3 (Simplest Ways) to Make the (Best of Focus)

In business and life focus is necessary and to focus is choosing exactly where you want to concentrate your effort, and remain there in spite of all the background noise.

There is always room to improve, and that’s why the focus is necessary.
You see I arrived late at school, so you find Mr. Popular and Miss. famous there. They already know things; you become a guest of their family.

The learning circle starting

So here I’m in school, let’s do this, right! My first maths test score comes out.
Men! I got 5%. I showed my score to dad. He said, “Oho don’t you worry, you will catch up I know you can.”
So I men up a little study had a bit, second math test, another 5%. The growth curve was steep, but at the end of a year, almost twelve months from the mathematics result.
My math score was consistently 72% and above.
Okay, except for those bad days, you know the such.
There are habits I pick up along the way

Make Room for Mistakes.

You’re improving make room for mistakes.
You might be tempted to stop improving because the mistakes are so much and the process is not delivering desired results. But after reviewing my first math test and scoring another 5%, I could have stopped, but I didn’t.
Key Take Away.

  • Keep reviewing and improving, repeat the process until desired results are achieved.

Isolate Yourself.

This matter because keeping your best is hard especial when you see others are onto other aspects of growth regardless of what you have chosen to focus on.
While maintaining your focus and a goal to be accomplished after a given period, isolate yourself from such noise.
Key Take Away.

  • Have a goal in place with a deadline (particular time), so you will always have an understanding of your progress.
  • With relevance to your focus keep a keen eye on what’s going on and what people are doing there might be a better and easy way to do your current goal.

I urge you also to keep up small daily achievable goals.

Split Your Goals.

While you’re improving, I urge you also to keep up small daily achievable goals. What is important here is to make sure they are possible daily.

  • not [work up early] but [work up at 5am].
  • not [read this book] but [read five pages of this book].
  • not [say hello to friends today] but [say hello to John and Jimmy after 20 minutes ]and others of a like.

Key Take Away.

  • Has your focus aligned with your daily, specific, achievable goals?

Bonus Point.

Get answers to your responded to questions:
Questions are a part of any progress, and unanswered can become a major stumbling block to your focus.
As for me, a significant change in my mathematics scores happened when I found a person who answered correctly any question I threw at him and taught me how to do so.
That’s why mentors are important, and my advice is to learn from the best.