Good (Place to Work)

Aspire to have a good place to work, why?

In Poor Organization

You will spend much of your time fighting organizational boundaries, silos, and broken processes.

You are not even clear on what your job is, so there is no way to know if you are getting the job done or not.

In the miracle case you work ridiculous hours. Get the job done. You have no idea what it means for the company or your career.

To make it much worse, when you finally work up the courage to tell management. How fucked up the situation is. Management denies there is a problem. Then defends the things as they are, then ignores the problem.

In Good Organization

You can focus on your job and have confidence that if you get your work done.

Good things will happen for both you and the company.

It is a pure pleasure to work with an organization such as this.

You can wake up knowing the work you do will be efficient, effective, and make a difference. For the organization and you.

These things make your job both motivating and fulfilling.

See to it; your people know what their job is, what is expected from them, and how everyone must behave to succeed.

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