(Important Healing Step) to (Take Right Away)

(Important Healing Step) to (Take Right Away)

Have empathy for yourself.

Empathy’s a tender message. We give one another when we care enough to give someone our full attention.

Don’t you want to give yourself a gift of the same warmhearted attention? In those moments when you’re squirming in emotional discomforts?

After all, behind emotional discomforts are sensitized feelings that need care and compassion.

  • Deep beneath unlovability and deprivation lies a pool of profound sadness.
  • Beneath mistrust and subjugation is smoldering anger. Beneath vulnerability, social exclusion, and abandonment lurk fear.
  • Anxious, self-doubt drives perfectionism and failure alike. And at the core of entitlement very often lies shame.

Won’t it be good if you can turn your attention inward?

With a warm sensitivity to ask yourself, “What do you need right now?”