(Two Ways to Kill Gobbledygook) and Start (Making Progress) With Your Writing

Two Ways to Kill Gobbledygook and Start Making Progress With Your Writing Image

Is gobbledygook killing your writing?

I was ignorant.

My writing kept being weak, diluted, and pathetic.

Are you wondering how I turned my writing around?

I surrendered. And I got ruthless.

Does your writing connect?


You’re a writer who surrenders.

And you listen to your heart.

To persuade.

You need to be ruthless when you edit.

Here are two brilliant sneaky tricks I use.


I’ve learned there are words I can almost always remove in my sentences.

Words like:

  1. Ought.
  2. Perhaps.
  3. In my opinion.
  4. Just.
  5. Actually.
  6. Truly.
  7. Very.

A quick example.

  1. Instead of saying, in my opinion, I think you’re wrong. I say you’re wrong.
  2. I stead of saying perhaps I will call or not. I say I will call, or I won’t.
  3. Instead of saying he was very bald. I say he was bald.


Also, there are words I can almost always replace

Words like:

  1. Nice.
  2. Effective.
  3. Essential.
  4. Bad.
  5. Good.

A quick example.

  1. Instead of saying essential I say critical.
  2. Instead of saying nice I say dazzling.
  3. Instead of saying good I say excellent.

Before you hit, publish.


Ask. Do I have words I can replace or remove?