Why (Business Development) is the Long Game (and How to Play It)

I’m embarrassed to admit.

Business development is more than talent, tenacity, or even money. My approach to business then was flawed. I was passionate; I loved my clients. I went above and beyond for them.

So what could go wrong?

Reality kicked in.

I was alone, customer less, and my convictions challenged shaken to the core.

Being passionate about business. Having superior know-how about the field you want to establish yourself in. Is not enough. All this means you just have the least required elements.

To even have a chance of success in business.

Solve customer’s problems, needs, and desires you will have success.

To flourish, you need clarity.

Yes, clarity.

Clarity is the key to a business development strategy that works.

Without it, you will continue limping, left out and abandoned. With it, you will join the ranks of the fast paced, loved and trusted businesses.

No matter how much you fight it or deny it.

Clarity is so profound, so crucial, so important it trumps everything else in the business.

And that begins with the series of this questions.

1. Why business?

What’s the ultimate reason you’re in business?

Forget about money that’s not it.

What is it that made you do what you do?

Why are you doing what you do? Why is it important to you? And why anyone else would care about it?


2. What’s true about you?

It’s not what you wish to be true.

What do you know by heart to be true about yourself? The point is not what values you have, but that you have values at all.

Do you know what they are?

Build them explicitly into your organization. Preserve them over time.

Stand with what is real about yourself and your organization. Stop patronizing everyone.

3. What does your company do and to whom?

A clear statement.

Call it a definition of your business, a guide, or a standard. Putting it in a clear language is vital.

What is it does your company do?

Who are you doing it too?

You will be surprised by how much understanding you will gain about your business. You never had before.

4. What is your plan for success?

How do you go about doing what you do in a way that set you apart from your competitors?

What gives you an advantage?

That collection of deliberate decisions you make to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Simply, your plan for success.

You’re decisions when made intentionally and consistently, will be part of the plan.

5. What is important now?

What is your most important priority now?

What do you need to do it?

As long you’re staying on top of your regular business responsibility.

You need to understand your priorities.

What must be made to do them?

6. Who has to do what to meet your priorities?

Call it roles or responsibilities.

But you have to know who has to do what and when.

For you to do your most important priority.

Right people are critical to have.

With your systems, in place, your people will get work done