How-to series of videos. To guide you as you get started to use Mail Chimp for your business. Aim to knock out the initial frustration of getting started with Mail Chimp. To also make you a good candidate for a service I provide for those who need this done for them.


I use Mail Chimp to run a lot of things in my business.

I intend to teach and show. What I do, where I do it, and why I do it.

I believe teaching this way helps.

But also I have built this series of email based on feedback. 

I'll love as you learn, ask when in doubt. I'll always be an email away from you.

The email you send will get delivered instantly to my private inbox.

I reply back.

—Joel Mwakasege, Founder, Beyourself


Have Your Emails Delivered & Seen

Among emails that end up in spam folders.  Many are there for reasons that can be avoided. Domain authentication is one among those reasons.  There is a lesson that helps inside.

Deliver Right Emails, to Right People

There a number of ways to do this within Mail Chimp. One of which is the use of campaigns and archive bar. As they offer certain flexibilities other ways can't. There is a lesson inside on this.

How to instructions to change automatic colors, fonts, and written words. To sound, feel, and look like your brand. All these establish trust.

Make Better Decisions

Data informs decisions. Data is organized in MailChimp by using groups, segments, and tags. There is an in-depth lesson inside on this.

Use of custom automation, Zapier, and landing pages. Helps to send emails when a customer wants, need or does something. Can be used for welcoming, onboarding, free product funnels, post-purchase and more.

Up to 70% of people add items to a cart but don’t finish their purchase. That’s a lot of money left on the table. But if they originate from your list, you can contact them, using automation and goals. Inside there is a lesson on this.

Know Your Customers

Surveys and polls, offer great help as you gather feedback or thinking about what to sell next. There is a lesson inside to help.

The class starts January 15, 2019. Reserve your spot today. After you create an account and complete registration. I'll send to you an email with where to find the videos when the class will start. I'll also send behind the scenes of what I'm doing as I'm preparing this class.

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