This (Tiny Life Habit) Can (Make a Big Difference) in You life

Have courage.
Life is about choices.
Cowardliness refuses choice.

  • It says you have no choice.
  • It says you need to tolerate.
  • It says permission denied.
  • It says you don’t have to speak up.
  • It says what happens doesn’t concern you.

Before you go back to sleep today, think, who got us here?

  • What kind of behaviors lead to mass murder of passion and enthusiasm?
  • Who gave all the power to the dream killers?
  • Who told us to obey, since our grandfathers?
  • Who snatched the importance that was at the heart of creativity?
  • Who nurtures this shaming and harmful behavior of telling don’t fall? Follow the map or you will be alienated.

They? Or us?