You certainly have the right. To tell someone else what you need. But what happens when you try to get your needs met by someone who is incapable or unwilling? Is it not better to learn to access your ability to recognize your needs?

Is it not in knowing what your needs are that they are most apt to be met? Are you not tired of being disappointed, angry, and confused? I am. In a way, this ebook is how you get started to get your needs met and get to live your dreams.

The e-book is an introduction. To premium course, I plan to create. It introduces topics that I will love to look into more details on the premium side of this training. The question I'm trying to answer with the content in the book is. Will it help you to make better decisions? In this topic, I have explored.

The answer to this question will also inform you on how to decide on the premium training offer when it comes.

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