Note: (I’m Tired Of Playing By The Rules) I Just Want (To Love You)


I’ve got an ongoing vulnerability conversation.

I would love you join the conversation.

Here is the latest one from Francesca.



Please stop asking me if I’m alright
When people ask you “How are you?” you always respond with “I’m fine” or “I’m ok”. Well I, for one, am not ok.


I’m Tired Of Playing By The Rules, I Just Want To Love You
I’m tired of the dating game.


Open doors
Love confuses me. What it is, why it is as it is. She has put into words what I confuse.


Stay Curious. Curiosity is a function of overcoming fear. Fear of being wrong. Fear of being right. Fear of being different. If you don’t have the guts to think about really bad ideas, you’ll never have the opportunity to execute brilliant ones.


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