Note: A Letter (From a Love You Haven’t Met) Yet


I have been meaning to tell you why the e-books.

Now that I can.

Here you go.

The e-books are an introduction. To membership site, I have planned to create.

They introduce topics that I will love to look into more details on the premium side of this membership.

I’ve chosen to introduce with e-books because they offer knowledge.

Knowledge is of critical use when you want to discern a difference. Discerning of differences lead to better decisions. And we measure a quality of someone’s knowledge by the quality of their decisions.

The question I was trying to answer with the content in the books is. Will they help you to make better decisions? In any topic, I have explored.

The answer to this question will also inform you on how to decide on the premium membership offer when it comes.

–– Joel


A letter from a love you haven’t met yet
Dear future love of my life


You don’t want a better life
If you did you’d have it


What does it mean for you to be human, to be alive?
For me, it’s about love, unconditional selfless love.


I can’t brag about my love for God because I fail him daily. But I can brag about his love for me because it never fails.


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