Note: Ending the (Affair that Never Happened)


There is a major change I’m planning.

It’s because I have a problem.

In the beginning of this year, I started a place where I will use to sell digital products.

I started it as a blog.

As a way to join in on the ongoing conversation around topics I love. It came in between. Because I already had this letter six months before the blog. I also had the be-yourself community four years before the blog.

I had to think about identity for this new place.

As you know colors, logo, and fonts, are not the only thing on an identity.

What people say about you also matters.

It’s hard to control these outside conversations. But I hoped to have some areas I can influence. It’s a reason I write on the blog. I also use images, colors, and fonts I love.

But what I didn’t comprehend then was, there are things I will need help to have.

Like landing page design, book cover design and some few custom theme changes.

So for anything custom, I had to go and seek help outside.

The landing page need was critical. And I didn’t have any way I could have done it by myself. I bought me another theme to help to create this landing pages. It’s what you’ve seen me use. To showcase ebooks and offers I have.

I had to scavenge around for other custom design work. Especially because I still can’t afford a lot of premium options.

To find different design solutions from different sources. Has some advantage and disadvantage. An advantage is to get things at an affordable price. Disadvantage everything almost always looks different.

The blog, landing pages, and the books all use different colors, font’s, and feel.

Believe me, this is not for lack of trying.

But now I want to introduce free and premium membership.

I’ve asked myself can I do it in such a way it will stay on the brand? Can I revert to use the theme I have?

To use and design everything to look like it and with it?

  1. The landing pages.
  2. The membership.
  3. The book designs.

It’s a lot of work.

But if I choose to do this.



I will first have to find a membership plugin. Affordable and useful.

  1. Learn it.
  2. Then configure my website to have content for members which is you. And for premium members for those who will choose to do so. To have all this integrated into the main look and feel of the blog.
  3. I have to help you differentiate between what’s available for members. And what’s available for premium members. Because all content will be found in the same place.

I hate finding something I wish to get access to. And not knowing fully if this is free, or do I need to login to get access to or do I need to pay for access. Until I have to do a lot of clicking.

The best solution I can think of now is the use of labels. To tell but also call to action. Either log in or pay to get access to.



Redesigning all elements. I now have not aligned with the main blog design. Landing pages and books.

I know you’ve been patient with me on my limitations. But it’s my hope you benefit in this change.

Especial now, because.

  1. I’ll finally get to post those in-depth behind the scenes. I have wished to do so for a while now. The letter didn’t seem a right place for this because it’s usually brief. Unless I’m launching something or I’m briefing you on certain changes as I’m doing now.
  2. I will get to know you more. I plan to make this an area where I will spend most of my time at.
  3. I have a handful of books coming. I wish to get you in behind the process. From thinking. Topic choice. Writing. And more.

My question to you is how can I release this change to benefit you the most?

– Joel
P.S. Please know I depend on your feedback. To decide. I’ll be glad if you hit reply now. Tell me how can I release this change to benefit you the most. Your email will be delivered instantly. To my private inbox.



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