Note: (A Letter From a Woman Who’s Both Normal) and Plus Sized


Thank you for the feedback.

I’m thinking the best I can do is to release this membership.

As quickly as I can and deliver it to your hands.

To use and make sense of it all.

I believe most of the valuable feedback also happens when something is of use.

I did most of the initial preparation.

I’ve planned to use the member’s area.

To talk what’s goes on behind the curtain.

On the ebooks, the community, and the fears.

Heal, vulnerability, and write to heal ebooks are ready. I will release when done.

Self-Compassion an e-book is also coming.

I’ll keep you updated.

– Joel


Dear Retailers: Screw You
A letter from a woman who’s both “normal” and “plus” sized.


Are you sweating?
You should be. As we approach the new year.


Dear Anxiety
I’ll be honest I’m not afraid of death.


Not being heard is no reason to be silent.
– Unknown


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