Note: Fathers (Searches for Meaning in His Daughter's) Senseless Death

I have had a hope to make certain progress in the project of creating membership places.

Progress I’m thankful it’s what’s happening.

  1. I have managed to create a separation on looks. You will now be able to notice what’s for free members and whats for premium users for this who will choose to do so.
  2. I’ve managed to complete the landing pages change I had wished to have made. Because I wished to have it resemble the main look of the blog.
  3. I’m now making forms registrations, login and update my setting, forgot the password and other forms to resemble the look and feel of everything.

By the way, I was thinking instead of using.

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To use.

It makes sense to me to receive or reply comments from people who know me not people who know about me. It makes sense to me to listen to comments from people who are also in the arena getting their ass kicked as I do. Not people hurling judgment from sidelines. It makes sense to me. The way forward to anything is to nurture honest conversations. And a safe place to do all this. It makes sense to me a creation of this place or its health depends on people choosing to get in. I will be there waiting for you when you feel ready to join in.

What do you think fits best?

Do you have something better?

Please send it my way.


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Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the stregth to endure a difficult one.
– Bruce Lee


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