Note: Get (Inspired Every Day)


Today’s intro is short.

I’m in the first stages of setting up a business where I’ll sell products.

It’s work.

I will talk more in the next issue.

That’s all for today.

I need to get back to work.

— Joel

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Creative Routine
I work from home with few movements per week. In a café or in a busy public place where I can charge my devices and get work done. Here is how you get creative with your routines and become inspired in your everyday life.


A simple method to resolve an argument
Every time, in the heat of arguing, it’s in our human nature to do our best to win. But, arguing can get quite irrational when we lose focus on what we’re trying to resolve.


McDonald’s Theory
A not so obvious way to get you good ideas to emerge.


So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good; it’s also the enemy of the realistic, the possible, and the fun.
— Rebecca Solnit

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