Note: How I Plan to Design my Body


I missed you.

I did.

Thank you, for your patience.

I couldn’t send the note last week.

I have been busy. Putting last touches on a platform I’ll use to sell digital products.

I have just published a behind the scene on why I have compressed a four years knowledge. Into short, easy to understand and practical
21-day course for free. Why and what next?

At the end of the read, I make an offer to you to join me in an exclusive writing session. Don’t worry even if you won’t join.

Read I’ve poured my heart into it.

— Joel


Take time off
It may not last forever, but do it until it doesn’t feel right anymore.


How I Plan to Design my Body
Six months look on how one man health transition.


How to Save $
She leaves nothing unsaid.


Being in love means being yourself. I’m happiest when I’m being myself and I’m myself when I’m with you.
— A marriage vow — I saw in a movie

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