Note: Try (Threat Based Parenting)

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I’ve relaunched

It’s in preparation for building a business where I’ll sell digital products.

My name is way too long to have a logo for it — JM is the best I could do.

I’m still campaigning for Paul Jarvis MailChimp course.

I did take the course.

Out of curiosity, you can visit my personal domain now and see how good of a student I am.

I’m not perfect and still have areas to improve, such as the request to confirm your humanity when someone wants to join the mailing list

I hate it.

I’ve tried to brainstorm, but it comes out less human every time. Do you have any good suggestions?

Some info on the joelmwakasege rebrand. The fonts used on the logo — is Optima. Body font — Crimson text. The theme is Semplice Studio License by Tobias van Schneider

— Joel

Ps. Go ahead and push the reply button now and tell me what is the best way to ask someone to confirm his humanity. (I know internet stuff are ridiculous sometimes but what can I do — I need to work with what I have.)


Try threat based parenting
The push towards attachment-based parenting and “natural consequences” has led modern moms and dads away from one of the most powerful tools in the parenting arsenal: the threat.


200+ sites, apps & books that I recommend any designer should check out.
A reference guide for designers looking for resources for their web projects but anyone who does stuff online can use it.


13 Lessons Learned
Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey gives University Of Houston Commencement Address at TDECU Stadium on May 15, 2015, in Houston, Texas.


Never entertain relationships you don’t intend to keep.
— Unknown

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