Note: How (Running Into My Attacker) Helped Me Heal

It has been a while. I have few things to catch you up on. Please allow me to do it  in the next letter.

Ellie Guzman who writers for beyourself. She has an upcoming book. I love what she does. If you enjoy reading beyourself and would like to support her efforts, please consider pre-ordering a copy. I wish she becomes an independent writer. For that, she needs 250 pre orders. Every pre-order makes a big difference. Besides, I really think if you like reading beyourself you will enjoy her book even more.


How Being a infamous Child Actress Messed Me Up
The realities of growing up in the world of child acting. It’s an inside look into the world that is not talked about often.


How Running Into My Attacker Helped Me Heal
The aftermath of a sexual assault and a random meet with the perpetrator.


Almost Salsa Hookers
A true story of accidentally being mistaken for $1 prostitutes at a club.


Don’t let your fear of looking stupid hold you back.
People are going to judge. Let them. You go live the life you want.
– Katherine Sullivan


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