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To Heal. You Need Help. Why? To Heal it’s More than What You Think.
To heal it’s difficult.



To Heal. You Need Help. Why? To Heal it’s More than What You Think. To heal it’s difficult. The work can take a lot of energy. If you could have solved these problems easily, I’m sure you would have done it already.

And to make matters even trickier, problems with feelings often include a layer of guilt or shame.

Unlike most other medical problems, when it comes to mental health, people are often worried that they will be judged for their struggle.

In fact, they often judge themselves first.

The problem with assigning blame to self or others, engaging in reason-giving, and giving up hope is that there isn’t much room for progress.

So, if you realize there are problems as you do this work, that’s a good thing.

Be open to whatever is there to see. If there are some things that are working well, that’s great to know. If there are some things that are not working well, then it gives you a place to start.

Don’t you want to receive options for action that might not have been there before?

I do

There is Help

Which you’ll receive as a healing lesson by email.

One lesson per day, every day.

You have got a choice. You can rise up from failures, screw-ups, and falls. But you can never go back. You may not have signed up for a hero’s journey.

But hurt happens it happens to all of us.

The second you fell down, get your butt kicked, suffered a disappointment, screwed up, or felt a heartbreak.

It started.

The only decision you get to make is what role you’ll play.

Do you want to write the story or do you want to hand that power to someone else?

Included With the Daily Email You’ll Receive One of These Weekly

  1. Interviews
    Some interviewees have talked on TedX, CNN, Oprah, Fox News. Living with incurable diseases. Living through being shot, killed, and resurrected. Living through their stomach being exploded.
  2. Books
    To help you find yourself and come to a place where you can be happy with who you’re. As you work up every day to do this important and sometimes difficult work
  3. Tools
    Shared by featured experts and people from all walks of life. The better tools you have the better you can move forward.
  4. Personal Stories
    As you listen to these stories. You’ll realize it’s about doable progress. Not perfection. Not waving a magic wand.


    Thank you for this email. Such a heavy and profound message. Came through right when I needed it. You don’t have an idea how much your work has influenced my life.
    Senior Mortgage Consultant
    I’m dyslexic more accurately, I approach reading/learning very differently than most I pick and choose what I read carefully. This looks really good though so, looking forward to diving in.
    Very kind and generous, as always. It is helpful and applicable. Helps to regain the inner balance and stability that I strive for, being emotionally hypersensitive as I am.
    Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Author
    Wow, that is the most inspiring piece I have ever read. Thank-you. You touched my heart and my eyes are filled with tears of gratitude. I love you for this, my heart and soul love you for this.

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