Why Are You Still Skeptical? Shame Can Work With You

I sent a letter to a person to help me with my writing. Grammar, typos, the usual.

The reply comeback. The story is beyond help. To me, it sounded you’re beyond help.

I felt miserable, stupid, and helpless. Why did ever ask for help?

Seemingly minor facts that make shame confusing

I learned new things about the shame that day.

Shame says I’m bad. Shame says I shouldn’t even try.

Shame says I told you this was a mistake. I knew you weren’t _______________ enough.

The efficient approach to deal with shame

I talk about it.

I sat there for a while; then I wrote a reply.

I know it’s messy. That’s why I seek help. Can you help? I hate feeling this helpless.

You know what to do. So are you doing it?

Shame derives its power from being unspeakable.

And, the less I talk about it, the more I have it

I felt helpless. I talked about it. Why not you?