A free ebook for you who feels it's time to live a stress free life.

You want to have a life of your choice. Not the one defined by anyone else. You want to have the choice to say yes and mean it. You want to give yourself a free pass to screw up as much as you like. You want to make progress, not perfection. You want to free yourself from the conventional expectations. From what you think your life “ought” to be or “should” look like. This one is for you.

1. The Counterintuitive Truth About Life.

2. How You Aren't Bad As You Think

3. A Short Guide to Stress-Free Living

4. To Find More Joy and Less Stress Master this Practice

5. Surprising Simple Key to Stress-Free Life.



I’m tired of pleasing people. I’m tired of trying to connect with people whose values don’t support my own. I’m tired of trying to be something  I’m not. This eBook in a way is how I got started. To live a life of my own choosing. Not the one defined by anyone else.


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