Successful Creative People

How Successful Creative People Measure Their Lives

Successful creative people don’t measure their lives, based on other people’s standards.

They measure their lives on their own terms.

I didn’t know then that this was the key factor that distinguishes, satisfying creative life from a miserable one

Let me talk to you about a year I spent it entirely feeling miserable.

The reason?

Two years before, I stumbled upon a place. Where it was easy to find stories, I loved to read. I found these stories and I collected them in one place.

After two years.

About 23,342 people followed the stories I have collected.

It was during this time I got distracted.

I looked at other people’s way of doing things. It convinced me I need to make money selling to these people, or I will be wasting my time.

Ignoring the fact I didn’t set out to build a place which will have stories read by millions of people.

I didn’t set out.

To work alongside thousands of brilliant writers, doctors, movie stars, psychotherapist, speakers, and coaches.

People I could have never met otherwise.

I forgot all this was grace.

Being so sad at the time, I almost deleted the place altogether.

After this troubling time.

I try, though sometimes it can’t be avoided.

To not measure my life based on other people’s standards.