Why (Right Now Is the Perfect Time) to Forgive

I believe it to be helpful.

As you sort out through your feelings.

To come to terms with the role forgiveness has in your healing.

  • To forgive is not forgetting. Past experiences and even the pain have a great deal to teach us about not being victimized again and about not victimizing others.
  • To forgive is not saying what was done was acceptable, or unimportant, or “not so bad”.
  • To forgive does not mean playing the victim.

To forgive is the difference between repressing a feeling and releasing a feeling.

Forgiveness doesn’t erase what they have done.

What happened was hurtful.

It was not right; it was not fair.

But don’t you want to get to a point where anger no longer interferes with how you care about yourself or how you live your life?

I do.

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