In search of better options? These put together may help, interviews, lessons on trauma, self-love, mindfulness and more. Here is a short tour of the Heal community. From who are some of the people being interviewed, lessons, and collections.

Collections are the recommended way.
To read and catch up on important topics.

Collections collect topics that are the same.

They range from conversations on pain, trauma, recovery, compassion, self-love, happiness, mindfulness, joy and more.

Collected in a way to feature the best from each category.

This way you can find what you need with ease.

Also, the main homepage features favorite lessons or interviews with a distinct color. All this to make you find what you're looking for quickly.

Emails are another important aspect of the community.

It's where all important communication is done.

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—Joel Mwakasege, Founder, Heal


Some of the collections available.

Where to Begin When it's the Right Time to Start Healing

It collects lessons to answer important questions when your thinking to start to heal. I've made this collection available for preview. Click here to preview it.

The Healing Guide to Living a Wild Joyous Life

Life is messy. Nothing rarely goes to plan. If it goes to plan. The plan will change. The plan implies control. Do you feel in control? I don’t. A collection to read when things are upside down.

If you're looking for a step you can trust to life prosperity, self-love is that step. A collection to read to cure imposter syndrome and other crises of confidence.

Find Life Beyond Pain

While you can’t relive the past, you can choose to heal from the pain of the past. A collection to read for a time such as this when you're ready to find life beyond the pain.

Some of the interviews available.

Ayodeji Awosika

Best selling author, TEDx speaker, and a father. Talks about writing, fatherhood, and addiction

A freelance writer for sixteen years. Developing content for web and print. Client list includes Target, Regency, Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Microsoft, Wacom Technologies, Lowe’s and WebTrends. Talks about writing, fear of standing out, travel and work.

A maverick mentor, counselor, and a coach. On a daily basis, she answers life questions for young(ish) women. Talks about vulnerability and support from loved ones.

A creative and global citizen. Once stifled by his own fear and doubt waiting for his “real life” to start, now he helps ambitious, young leaders overcome their own apprehensions through storytelling, art, and travels. Talks about writing and travel.

Max Lukominskyi

Max is a writer. His writing has been featured on BBC, CNBC, Inc, Business Insider, The Independent, The Huffington Post, The Muse, Medical Daily, and Apple News. Talks about writing, purpose, and rejection.

A kindergarten teacher and a mother. Talks about vulnerability and the struggles in it.

Fiachra O’Sullivan

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Husband, Dad, Wounded-Healer. Talks about vulnerability, emotional support, and alcoholism.

Writer, blogger, and a digital nomad. Talks about writing, living for oneself, childhood, mentors, and risks. 

A shop keeper, father, husband, and entrepreneur. Talks about life, trust, and trying.

A keynote speaker, and the author of four books. He has spoken at the Pentagon, TEDx events, military bases, and universities around the world. His work has been featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc., Tim Ferriss' blog, Seth Godin's blog. Went through depression and anxiety. He talks about it here.

Speaker spoke on TEDx, Oprah, Fox News, CNN and Author of The Beauty of a Darker Soul: Overcoming Trauma through the Power of Human Connection. Josh has an incredible story. He was shot and killed in combat, then resurrected. He talks about it here.

Amy Oestreicher

Actress, Artist, Playwright, Teaching Artist, Author, ​HuffPost ​Columnist, PTSD Specialist. Featured in Cosmopolitan and on TODAY Speaker for RAINN and TEDx. Her stomach exploded. Literally. She talks about it here.

A tour of the Heal community. From the lessons available, interviews, and who are some of the people being interviewed? To showcase what's available and how it can help get you unstuck and moving forward.

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