The (Counterintuitive Truth) About Life

Life is messy.

Nothing rarely goes to plan.

If it goes to plan.

The plan will change.

The plan implies control.

Do you feel in control?

I don’t.

Control is an illusion.

From clever men.

Who believe they can control the ocean.

Or tame it.

The ocean is the ocean.

The hope is to navigate it.

Not control it.

It’s one thing to build vessels to navigate it.

It’s another thing to navigate it.

With a compass, we can.

Without it, we can’t.

Love is that compass.

It might be abused.

It might be taken advantage of.

Nevertheless, don’t let it turn to mistrust and resentment.

Let it lead you.

Let it encourage you.

Let it be what you listen too.

It’s love.

It will get you through.

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