Healing help in a form of lessons, interviews, seminars, and personal stories. To provide killer resources for your healing and practical tools for those who don't want to go it alone.

Why You’re Missing Crucial Opportunities If You Disregard Help as You Heal.

Because I believe to Heal is more than what you think, it's difficult. The work can take a lot of energy. If you could have solved these problems easily, I’m sure you would have done it already.

And to make matters even trickier, problems with feelings often include a layer of guilt or shame. Unlike most other medical problems, when it comes to mental health, people are often worried that they will be judged for their struggle.

In fact, they often judge themselves first. The problem with assigning blame to self or others, engaging in reason-giving, and giving up hope is that there isn’t much room for progress. So, if you realize there are problems as you do this work, that’s a good thing.

Be open to whatever is there to see. If there are some things that are working well, that’s great to know. If there are some things that are not working well, then it gives you a place to start. Don’t you want to receive options for action that might not have been there before? I do.

Introducing Heal — a supportive and intelligent community of people who encourage one another, answer questions, share ideas, solve problems — together: for each other and with each other.

You want to live a life where there is no more need to make a superhuman effort to stay in control so you can keep up appearances. You want to live a life with no more need to protect your vulnerability and hide your true self from others. You want to live a life with no more need to put up barriers that keep people at a distance. You want to find ways to live your life without hurting yourself and develop new beliefs and behaviors that support you in the way you deserve to be supported. 

After seven years of listening and collecting more than 10,423 stories of people who are healing and hundreds of interviews with these people.

I've put together weekly content, that will help you - heal from the pain of the past. To help you little by little, let down those defenses. Once helped you survive but are actually hurting you now. To learn new life skills so you can begin to accept and internalize that it is truly possible for you to be imperfect and still be lovable; make mistakes and still be forgiven, and feel and express your feelings openly, honestly, safely.

Whether you're experienced and you want to take it up a notch or you're starting out and what to get off to a great start. The available content will give you the essential skills and techniques that you'll use throughout your life.

Here is a thing, you can rise up from failures, screw-ups, and falls.

But you can never go back. You may not have signed up for a hero’s journey. But hurt happens. It happens to all of us. The second you fell down, get your butt kicked, suffered a disappointment, screwed up, or felt your heart-break. It started. The only decision you get to make is what role you’ll play.

Do you want to write the story or do you want to hand that power to someone else?

This is your opportunity to try the community, by receiving, 30 lessons for 30 days, to deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of healing as a whole. And when you're ready the chance will be there for you to join the community as a whole.

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