Hi. I'm Joel Mwakasege. I believe success is at the crossing of who you’re, what you want and why you want it.


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the great stuff always floating around the web? I do. My goal with this simple letter is to present you by way of email. A manageable selection (3 items) of engaging, practical, and personal stories that make your day a little more pleasant.



I edit be-yourself. A community of 119,751 most amazing people that you will ever be apart of in your entire life. Hands down, I have no doubts in saying it. Allow me to show you how you can do it too. By joining you get a chance to choose to join instantly. In my waiting list of upcoming free medium dry run course. Get your story first 1000 reads & your first 1000 followers. Follow me step by step as I pull back the curtain on the topics, tactics, and strategies that don’t show up in public.

Are you a writer? Join to instantly, enroll in a crash course on writing well. I have been helping writers find their authentic voice. Four hours a day, every day, four years straight. You don't have to make same silly mistakes we all do the first time.

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Join and instantly get access to the archive of letters already sent. With stories that will make your day a little more pleasant. From real people like you.

Ever wondered the best way to write for the be-yourself community? Join and at your request; I'll send you a guide for the community. In it, you will read the genesis of the be-yourself community. Get answers to ten prominent questions. That will give you the first kick you need. To get on the front page of the publication.

Writer, editor, and translator in Berlin.

I like it that you keep the introduction short and personal. And I like it that you offer three clear links with a short description. In this way, you know what you're going to get without having to read a bunch of information. I don't skip on anything you write and I usually read one of your tips. I would say, keep it personal, clear and short.

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